Lakewood Towing Company

Lakewood towing company is the best quick response towing company, which is the first choice of most people staying around Lakewood, Colorado.

We have one of the best response times among all towing companies in Lakewood, which earned us the name – A Quick Response Towing Company in Colorado.

We use modern flatbed truck designs, which is the most recent and secure way of moving our vehicle from one location to another.

For emergencies, cars breaking down unexpectedly, and any minor or significant inconvenience your vehicle has caused to you, we would stand by every step of the way.

Some towing companies are not available to help you 24 hours a day, but we are always ready to assist you. Our 24 hours service line is still possible for you to call with any complaints, and we respond to your call immediately.

With service well beyond the standard towing company, Lakewood towing company offers 18 useful towing services which are geared towards solving people’s car problem to make there life more comfortable.

Lakewood Towing Company Services

If you want auto repairs, battery jump-starting to the movement of heavy types of equipment like forklifts, SUVs from one location to another, we have got you covered.

  1. Accidents
  2. Transportation of Large Vehicles
  3. Emergency Road Services
  4. 7 day a week towing
  5. Breakdowns
  6. Lock Out
  7. Fuel Delivery
  8. Tire Change
  9. Jump Start
  10. Dealerships
  11. Motorcycles
  12. Exotic Cars
  13. Motor Homes
  14. Motor Clubs
  15. Sheds
  16. Forklifts
  17. Recoveries and Rollovers
  18. Generators


In cases of fatal accidents or accidents that affect the tires, axle, engine, or other critical parts that make the vehicles unable to move, give us a call and expect a rapid response.

We would dispatch a Lakewood tow truck flatbed, which would ensure a smooth transition from the accident scene to wherever you want your vehicle delivered to without any further damage.

Transportation of Large Vehicles

Here at a quick response towing, we offer the transport of large vehicles like forklifts, SUVs, Hummers, Step vans and other large vehicles.

This massive vehicle transportation will be done using a modern flatbed that’s easy to get your large car onboard to begin transit to your desired destination.

Emergency Road Services

For those unforeseen situations that happen out of the blue. Locations where you couldn’t have predicted your car would overheat or have a flat tire or other emergency road services.

You don’t have to panic, call us at tel:303-667-4704 and within the hour, our towing professionals would be with you to help you out and fix anything.


This service is similar to the emergency road services where the problem is fixed on-site but for car breakdowns, an assessment, first to determine if the problem can be fixed immediately on-site or transportation to the nearest garage for repairs is the best option.

Lock Out

When your car locks you out, either it’s a mistake on your part, or it’s a fault security system. Please, remain calm. Reach out to a quick response towing company, and a professional with lockout experience is dispatched to your location and would arrive promptly.


Are you a dealership in need of a fast, secure, and safe towing company in Lakewood to handle all your vehicle transportation or delivers because you don’t want your cars to record any mileage or get dirt in the tires.

We understand and have created a unique towing service for you to take care of your select vehicles, especially.

Motorcycle Repairs

We at a quick towing company have motorcycle repair experts that take care of your bikes when a breakdown or accident occurs. Some towing companies in Lakewood don’t have the specialized equipment need for motorcycle repairs.

Fuel Delivery

In cases where you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere because you didn’t plan well or you miscalculated the time between fuel stations.

It could also be a faulty gas gauge that doesn’t show the correct fuel status but after everything, call us, and we would come to your aid with a truck full of fuel, ensuring you never run out of fuel.


Looking for the best Lakewood Towing Company in Colorado? Visit A Quick Response Towing and get the best towing services in Lakewood.